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Crestview High School: Latest News

  • School Safety Drill - Conclude

    School Safety Drill - Conclude

    At this time Crestview Schools have concluded this morning's school safety DRILL and resumed normal instructional activities. Thanks to local Fire and Law Enforcement members for their support of this training exercise. Read More
  • Cross Country - Regionals to State!

    By: James Barber and Alyssa Weitzel (Student Reporters) The Crestview Boys Cross Country team is making strides and going for state. They’ve trained together since summer, earned second in the Fireland’s Conference, and then competed Read More
  • Girls Soccer - Cougars Clawing Through the Competition

    By: Storm Bluntschly and Garret Parlett (CHS student reporters) Our Lady Cougars are on a rampage, ripping through the competition and leaving a wake of sorrow and defeat in their rearview mirror as they cruise Read More
  • Cougar Volleyball onto Achieving Next Goal

    By: Magey Shambre and Natalie Restille (CHS student reporters) After picking up the Firelands Conference Championship last Thursday, the girls swept Genoa in three on Saturday to pick up the Sectional Crown. The Lady Cougars Read More
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Crestview High School: Upcoming Events

Tue Nov 13 @ 7:00PM - 07:30PM
Music Boosters :: District
Thu Nov 15 - All Day
Interim Reports :: District
Fri Nov 16 @ 3:15PM - 04:15PM
LPDC Meeting :: District
Mon Nov 19 @ 6:00PM - 09:00PM
Regular Board of Education Meeting :: District
Tue Nov 20 @11:00AM - 01:00PM
Senior Citizen Luncheon :: District

Monthly View - High School

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Mr. Andrew Ditlevson, Principal
Mrs. Teena Dotson-Reynolds, Secretary
Mrs. Rhonda Carey, Guidance Secretary
Mr. Tim Kuhn, Athletic Director
Mrs. Kelly Purvis, Dean of Students
Ms. Katelyn McGookey, Guidance 7-12

Office: 419-895-1700, ext. 19000

Grades 9 through 12


Crestview High School is dedicated to the continuation and improvement of our democratic society by means of the fullest possible development of each and every individual. We endeavor to effectively develop the knowledge, skills, habits, understanding, attitudes, and personal attributes essential for rich personal living, sound selection of and effective participation in a vocation, satisfying human relationships, and becoming a responsible, contributing citizen to our democratic society. Our hope is to accomplish the following objectives with each student that enters the doors of Crestview High School:

1. To provide an educational program that will develop educational competencies needed by the individual to further his/her formal education beyond high school.

2. To provide an educational program that will develop abilities and skills needed by the individual to satisfactorily enter and advance in an occupation.

3. To provide an environment that will encourage creative thinking.

4. To provide an environment that will develop understanding and appreciation of our democratic way of life.

5. To provide an environment that will aid in developing those human relations required for success in personal and social living in our society.

6. To provide an educational program that will aid in developing abilities needed to exercise and follow effective leadership in fulfilling occupational, social, and civic responsibilities.

7. To provide the means that would encourage each student to become an independent lifelong learner.